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The Dean of IHFRA award was changed to the Charles B. Costar Dean of IHFRA Award in 2007 to honor Charles Costar, a longtime member and officer of IHFRA for his dedicated service and loyalty to the association.

This award is given to a chapter member who, by exemplary action and devotion to IHFRA, has contributed in a significant way to its advancement. The dean award recognizes quality of service and dedication that has set an example for others.

*This award is no longer given each year*


Date Received Receipent Chapter
2014 Ray Haislip Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
  Harvey Leis Tri-State HFA
  Mark Dilling Midwest Furniture Club
  Al David HFR of Michigan
  Greg Kirk W. Virginia HFSA
2013 Pat Lee Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
  Rick Aaronson Greater MFA
  Harry Bassett N. Central HFRA
  Gary Silverman HFR of Michigan
  Mark Cisneros HFRG of S. California
  Robert Petril, Jr. Tri-State HFA
  David Marcus Midwest Furniture Club
2012 Michael L. Burton Jr. HFRG of S. California
  Hank Holste Midwest Furniture Club
  Barry White Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
  Russell Bienenstock Greater MFA
  Brad Pyne Greater MFA
  Lester Neff Tri-State HFA
  Jeffrey LaKritz HFR of Michigan
2011 Michael J. Burton HFRG of S. California
  Bert Asby Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
  Eddie Gonzalez Florida HFRA
  Steve Wisocky Tri-State HFA
  Chris DeLisa Greater NY HFA
  Brad Cofoid Midwest Furniture Club
  Richard Tyler HFR of Michigan
  Chris Clarizio MFA of New Jersey
  Emmet Root Member At-Large
2010 Ray Jessup Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
  Mike Mackey Midwest Furniture Club
  Sid Gamburg Tri-State HFA
  Tony Bellarosa Greater NY HFA
  Don Deeds HFRG of S. California
  Terry Clemens HFR of Michigan
2009 Vonica Tamney, CHR Florida HFRA
  Andy Gans, CHR Greater NY HFA
  Neil Anderson Sr., CHR Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
  Gary Diamond Tri-State HFA
  Ted Weisbach Midwest Furniture Club
  Randy Bowlden Georgia HFA
  Terry Clemens HFR of Michigan
2008 Robin Getzoff, CHR Tri-State HFA
  Scot Barten Florida HFRA
  Ted Beaver Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
  R.C. Farmer, CHR W. Virginia HFSA
  Peter Erwin, CHR Cleveland HFRA
  Scott Goldberg, CHR SW Ohio HFRA
  Lenny Kharitonov, CHR Greater NY HFA
  Geoffrey Weed Midwest Furniture Club
2007 Russell Bienenstock Greater NY HFA
  Jay Hogg Midwest Furniture Club
  Dick Brown Tri-State HFA
  Jim Craven, CHR TN Furniture Travelers
  Carey Laufer, CHR Florida HFRA
  Milton Alexander AL Furniture Travelers
  Howard Salpeter Mid-Atlantic HFA
  Ralph Deutsch Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
  Russ Smith W. Virginia HFSA
  Stan Tremewan, CHR HFRA of N. California
  Sandy Dant, CHR HFRG of S. California
  Gary Musengo SW Ohio HFRA
2006 Elaine Greenberg, CHR Florida HFRA
  Martin Lander Jr. Tri-State HFA
  Jerry Lassiter Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
  Martin Sobel Midwest Furniture Club
2005 Ray Jessup Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
  Merry Klinefelter, CHR Mid-Atlantic HFA
  Cathy Reed, CHR Tri-State HFA
  Sherwin Rice, CHR Midwest Furniture Club
  Andrew Shay Kentucky HFRA (disbanned)
2004 Stephen Cohen, CHR Tri-State HFA
  Martha Frisch Kentucky HFRA (disbanned)
  Charles Hekman HFR of Michigan
  Maurice Pleasants, CHR Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
  Joe Saunders, CHR Mid-Atlantic HFA
  Cynthia St.Clair Indiana HFC (disbanned)
2003 Mark Craven, CHR Mid-Atlantic HFA
  Rich Fusco, CHR Tri-State HFA
  Scott Goldberg SW Ohio HFRA
  Ken Lucas, CHR Member At-Large
  Tim Palmer Midwest Furniture Club
  Elliot Reiff, CHR Cleveland HFRA
  Barry White Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
2002 Vincent Morreale Midwest Furniture Club
  Roger Galo, CHR Tri-State HFA
  Julia Orr HFR of Michigan
  Howard Salpeter Mid-Atlantic HFA
  Rick Gillispie, CHR Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
  Kevin East Indiana HFC (disbanned)
  Tommy Leflein MFA of New Jersey
  Michael Stell, CHR SW Ohio HFRA
2001 John Michael Amato, CHR Empire State HFA
  Paul Lyman, CHR N. Central HFRA
  Pearce Williams AL Furniture Travelers
  Gerald Rudin, CHR HFR of Michigan
  R. Allen George Jr. Kentucky HFRA (disbanned)
  Jerome Neff Tri-State HFA
  Lou Friedman SW Ohio HFRA
  Gilbert McPherson Member At-Large
  Frank Parent Mid-Atlantic HFA
  Charlie Costar Jr., CHR Florida HFRA
2000 Earl Haubrich N. Central HFRA
  Randy Lappert, CHR Mid-Atlantic HFA
  Kevin Mehlaff Kentucky HFRA (disbanned)
  Ray Isser, CHR Tri-State HFA
  Gerald Strauss Empire State HFRA
  E.L. Thomas, CHR Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
  R. Scott Tomlin, CHR Georgia HFA
  Kevin Goldstein MFA of New Jersey
  Craig Cleveland, CHR Florida HFRA
1999 Wayne Miller, CHR Tri-State HFA
  Dan Everhart Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
  Gary White, CHR Empire State HFRA
  Jon Starr Mid-Atlantic HFA
  Linda Fraser Florida HFRA
  Dody Weil HFR of Michigan
  Judy Walsh Midwest Funriture Club
  Tom Fry, CHR Louisiana HFR
1998 Phillip Bertin Jr. Louisiana HFR
  Rex Farmer, CHR W. Virginia HFSA
  Rick Ferguson, CHR AL Furniture Travelers
  W. Ben James III Florida HFRA
  Donald Lynch SW Ohio HFRA
  Michael Manheim Greater NY HFA
  F. Bruce Porter, CHR HFR of Michigan
  Morris Sherman HFRA of N. California
  William Holland, CHR Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
  Bruce Marmer, CHR Tri-State HFA
1997 Joe Arganese Arizona HFRA
  Frank Desiano HFRG of S. California
  Ken Edmonds N. Central HFRA
  MaryKay Mansfield, CHR Furniture Club (disbanned)
  Sheila McCall TN Furniture Travelers
  Larry Paris Kentucky HFRA (disbanned)
  Rick Pregent Empire State HFRA
  Jim Ralph SW Ohio HFRA
  Jerome K. Smith Mid-Atlantic HFA
  Jeff Timperman Indiana HFC (disbanned)
  Cliff Wilson N. Central HFRA
  Barry Woonton, CHR Florida HFRA
  Michael Kay Tri-State HFA
  William Richmond, CHR MFA of New Jersey
1996 Alan Grossberg, CHR MFA of New Jersey
  Bob Smith Midwest Furniture Club
  Larry Wickander N. Central HFRA
  Rick Hartley Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
  Andy Gillies, CHR SW Ohio HFRA
  Tom Smith, CHR Tri-State HFA
1995 Tom Schuckert, CHR Cleveland HFRA
  Paula Shoemaker, CHR SW Ohio HFRA
1994 Alan Densford, CHR Mid-Atlantic HFA
  Fredric Kempner Tri-State HFA
  Tom Burton Midwest Furniture Club
1991 Fred Page, CHR Member At-Large
  Robert Bruns, CHR HFR of Michigan
  Gerald Strauss Empire State HFA
1989 Coe Hamling, CHR Georgia HFA
  Gerald Ross HFR of Michigan
1988 Gerald Finn HFR of Michigan
  Barry Wax, CHR Florida HFRA
1987 Arthur Serck, CHR Midwest Furniture Club
1986 Bert Schreiber, CHR HFRA of N. California


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