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Since 1934, IHFRA has been fortunate to have so many dedicated reps to go through the chairs of the Executive Committee. These Past Presidents provided a framework for those who preceeded them. We thank all of them for their support of the associaiton.


Note: Those who have been "grayed out" are deceased.

Year Past President Chapter/Location
2016 Geoff Weed Midwest Furniture Club
2015 Frank Lorenzo Florida HFRA
2014 Matt Keepers Member At-Large (TX)
2013 Chris DeLisa Greater MFA
2012 Mike Root Member At-Large (NE)
2011 Mark Scharff Greater MFA
2010 Sandy Leibold, CHR HFRG of S. California
2009 Edward Myers Tri-State HFA
2008 James Craven, CHR TN Furniture Travelers
2007 Richard Gillispie, CHR Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
2006 Raymond Isser, CHR Tri-State HFA
2005 Mark Craven, CHR Mid-Atlantic HFA
2004 Terry Hollingsworth, CHR Georgia HFA
2003 Tom Schuckert, CHR Cleveland HFRA
2002 Paula Shoemaker, CHR SW Ohio HFRA
2001 Craig Cleveland, CHR Florida HFRA
2000 William Holland, CHR Virginia/Carolinas HFRA
1999 Bill Feldman, CHR Louisiana HFR
1998 Charles Ray, CHR Georgia HFA
1997 Bob Bruns, CHR HFR of Michigan
1996 Barry Wax, CHR Florida HFRA
1995 Bert Schreiber, CHR HFRA of N. California
1994 Charles Costar, CHR Flordia HFRA
1993 Andrew Gilles, CHR HFR of Michigan
1992 T. Webb Hughes, CHR Georgia HFA
1991 Arthur Serck, CHR Midwest Furniture Club
1990 James (Bob) Goodson, CHR Member At-Large (Texas)
1989 Frederick Page, CHR Member At-Large (Colorado)
1988 Gerlad Kirchem, CHR Louisiana HFR
1987 Stan Tremewan, CHR HFRA of N. California
1986 Robert East, CHR Indiana HFC
1985 Al Barbiero, CHR Flordia HFRA
1984 Richard Wertheim, CHR Cleveland HFRA
1983 Kenneth Baldwin, CHR Member At-Large (Texas)
1982 Len Fishelman, CHR MFA of New Jersey
1981 Joe Girimonte, CHR HFRA of N. California
1980 Milt Jacobson, CHR N. Central HFRA
1979 James Doyle, CHR Member At-Large (Texas)
1978 Frederick Storin Member At-Large (Nevada)
1977 Coe Hamling, CHR Georgia HFA
1976 Arthur Adelizzi N. Central HFRA
1975 Philip Green, CHR HFRG of S. California
1974 Albert Sutton SW Ohio HFRA
1973 William Barnes, CHR AL Furniture Travelers
1972 Ronald Harrison Member At-Large (Texas)
1971 Pernas Jacobs Indiana
1970 Moses Braverman New York
1969 Ray Terral Washington
1968 J. Ed Mater Kansas
1967 Robert Tierney California
1966 Robert Vaughan, CHR Tennessee
1965 Richard Goldman New York
1964 Sam Jacobs Florida
1963 Harold Braun Minnesota
1962 Jack Reid Texas
1961 Clarence Caldwell Flordia
1960 Orvill McIntosh Nebraska
1959 Samuel Pinto New York
1958 Charles Reilly California
1957 Saul Gottlieb Illnois
1956 Robert Palmer Alabama
1955 Clarence Miller Colorado
1954 John Laun Wisconsin
1953 Harry Hall New York
1952 Chester Holt Tennessee
1951 Herbert Hedges, Sr. Ohio
1950 Nick Volkay Pennsylvania
1949 Laurence Schow Tennessee
1948 Wendell Grey New Hampshire
1947 Walter Hoener Missouri
1946 William Tierney Missouri
1945 Jessee Shlivek New York
1944 Edmund O'Connell Illnois
1943 Myer Cohn Pennsylvania
1941-1942 William Cardell Texas
1939-1940 Irving Towle Massachusetts
1937-1938 Peter Huhn Wisconsin
1934-1936 Jules M. Brachrach Pennsylvania

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